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It’s amazing how few people are able to give and receive love.
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The above Venn diagram from the good folks over at The Telegraph perfectly sums up the 2014 transfer season (what is left of it, anyway).

As you can see, the shopping window always consists of three types of players: those who desperately want out of their current club, those who don’t but are hot commodities, and the unfortunate ones who have no choice.

Oh, and then there’s poor Nicklas Bendtner, who deserves his own category!

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James Rodriguez became a household name this summer by winning the World Cup Golden Boot and securing a mega-million transfer to Real Madrid. Before all that, James also did countrywoman Shakira proud by breaking out some excellent dance moves after each of his World Cup goals.

And now, James is passing his talents on to his young daughter.

How cute is this:

H/T BleacherReport

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Happy 10th anniversary!


Happy 10th anniversary!

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picking your nose


picking your nose

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My dear friend genny lite, meet the captain. Really though having two of my good friends date would be like the best thing ever.

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